ATBO is more than a bookcase. ATBO is history, storage solutions and Danish cabinetmaking at its finest. Since ATBO was founded in 1967, our ambition has been to create furniture of the highest quality, designed and made in Denmark.

ATBO began with the now famous cabinetmakers bookcase in exclusive woods. The bookcase represents our DNA. It is a classic that has been used to store books and objects for generations. Going forward, we preserve the simple modernist expression that the bookcase was born with and invite it into the future with new accessories. With a few adaptions, you can now achieve a variety of expressions and a higher degree of mobility, making it easy to integrate the bookcase into your flexible home interiors.

ATBO continues its journey as we work ambitiously and diligently with our cabinetmakers and designers to supplement our brand with additional furniture collections. Traditional craftsmanship, exquisite materials and a durable aesthetic remain the core values as we continue to create furniture with the potential to be handed down for generations.